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Our Philosophy
Instill a love for learning through love!

Started in 2004, Village Tree Preschool (VTP) is a one of a kind preschool with an intimate, hands on approach to Preschool and Junior Preschool. Our programs are child directed which instills a love of learning that lasts a lifetime!

We offer an emotionally secure and nurturing environment for all of our children with a low "Auntie" (teacher) to child ratio allowing us to personalize your little one's experience. This makes transition from home much easier. Your child will NEVER be just another number.

At Village Tree we sing, dream, question and resolve. Through adventure our little ones naturally have the competency and motivation for learning when provided opportunities for play and individual choice, while still having structure.

We open our children's minds to new forms of expression by exposing them to music, art, science, math, yoga, outdoor play and much, more.

The Gifts of heartsWhere children grow in humanity

Our Mission


Village Tree Preschool's Mission is to bring a sense of balance, continuity and fun to everyday learning for your children. The VTP mission is accomplished by providing nurturing care with a cutting edge curriculum in an inclusive environment, and by helping families build community networks that support all of their needs.

VTP's overall goal is to provide a well-rounded preschool program that fills the gaps of traditional preschools through our hours of operation and care philosophy. We do this by creating a warm environment that mimics, as closely as possible, the child's familiar routine in order to facilitate a comfortable transition from home to school.


VTP's programs have proven deep and long-lasting effects on the children and families served. Children at VTP can look forward to growing to their full potential. Our alumni come to us saying just how much they thrive in today's competitive school environments thanks to a strong curriculum, which focuses on vital skill development.

VTP's families also benefit from an excellent and wide-reaching referral network. VTP assesses each family's particular needs within the home and provides or refers the specialized services that will most help them.


Our Story

Hi Moms and Dads!

My name is Jade Stanford,
Founder of Village Tree! I'm the mom of two amazing kids and wife of the best guy ever Robbie! :)

In 2004, we needed part-time care for our then two and four year old children while my hubby went to multiple chemotherapy treatments and doctor's appointments. At that time, flexible childcare was impossible to find and very costly. Not only that, I found most of the preschools had a huge teacher to child ratio which didn't work for my children, and doesn't work for most.

October 2004, using my early childhood experience, I decided to start a daycare in our home, which offered flexible hours, but as well, would help families facing chronic and terminal we do to this day!

Within just a few years our program was awarded by...PBS, CA State Senate, and the United States Senate for Exemplary Childcare. Yes, we are proud of that, but more proud of the fact that we have grown to help others, and our COMMUNITY! We have become a true "Village".

The heart of our Village is my sweet hubby, my love. We could not have possibly grown so tremendously if my hubby had not joined VTP.

Robbie has been blessed. He has stayed healthy because of our "Village". He is the heart and soul of our school!

I welcome you to our "Village"!




Our Teachers

    Our teachers ("Auntie's") are the foundation of our program. With a multitude of experience and fresh ideas, our Auntie's are excited each day to see each child and their parents flourish as a Village!

Our diverse group of Auntie's, are able to bring balance, stability, consistency and a true love to each child at Village Tree Preschool. Their passion shows when teaching! Our children are excited to come to school each day and learn about Psychology, Math, Yoga, Language, Science, Music, Art and free play! These Early Childhood Educators have dedicated their lives to your babies and the Village Tree Philosophy.

We are so proud to say that our Teachers education range from Masters Degree/ Bachelors Degree or completion of an accredited Early Childhood Development program. While our aides are completing their Early Childhood Development program so they can become teachers. Some of our staff members also have experience in Nursing, Yoga, Music and Art. All of our teachers and aides have been required to volunteer with us before working at Village Tree, showing a TRUE love for what they do! As well all of our Aunties have CPR credentials and have had Live Scan screening.

We hope that you have an opportunity to meet each of them and feel the unique energy and love that they bring to our Village each day!


Program Info

At Village Tree we celebrate the fact that all children are unique and development is on an individual bases. Our program takes that individual development component into account. Our students range from 18 months to 5 years (potty training is not required). Children who are 18 months to 3 years old that are not potty trained are enrolled in our Jr. Preschool program where they are potty trained and socialized. They are then eligible to move into our Preschool program where we offer emerging spanish currilculum. We maintain a low student to teacher ratio. We provide 2 to 3 healthy organic snacks daily. Children bring their own bag or thermos lunch.

A Typical Day

                                                07:30 am Welcome.                                                12:15 am Yoga/Quiet Dance 
                                                08:30 am Clean Up.                                                 12:30 pm Nap/Quite Time  
                                                09:15 am Play.                                                             02:30 pm Story Time  
                                                10:15 am Morning Circle .                                  03:30 pm Play
                                                10:30 am Indoor Project Team.                        04:30 pm Pick Up Starts.                                                 11:30 am Lunch                                                        05:30 pm Pick Up Ends.


Village Tree Preschool: (INFANT / TODDLER)
3608 Clarington Ave. Los Angeles, CA. 90034

Village Tree Preschool
4235 Duquesne Ave. Culver City, CA. 90232
Ages 2.5 to 5.5 years of age (potty trained only)

Village Tree Preschool
3754 Dunn Drive. Los Angeles, CA. 90034
Ages 18 months to 5.5 years of age

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